Specialty Menus

Taste of Culprit
We feel our “Taste of Culprit” menu is the best way for larger tables to get the full Culprit experience, ensuring there is always enough of each dish for the table, while keeping the pace of the meal smooth and effortless.
Simply pre select the main that suits the majority of your guests, and add any supplementary courses.
Had the taste of culprit before? let us know and we can change it up for your table.

Epic Menu
This ones for guests from out of town or overseas or if you only have one night to experience all that is Culprit.
All our best dishes, with local New Zealand delicacies added in.

We can cater for dietary requirements or personal tastes in your group with individual personalised menus just for them. Prior notice appreciated.

For groups of 7 or more please contact us on.
09 377 5992

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